Our History: Over a Century of Service!

G.W. Freeman, George B. Freeman, and Pete Freeman at work in the original bank building. The new bank, built in 1917, was constructed adjacent to the original site.

The Bank of Mansfield, now chartered as HomePride Bank, and established in 1892, is the oldest business in Mansfield. Initially the bank operated as a partnership from 1892 until 1902 at which time it was incorporated. The original stockholders of the corporation included G.W. Freeman, M.A. Freeman, J.B. Freeman, Mrs. S.A. Freeman and N.J. Craig. During its over 100 year history, the bank has been presided over by six presidents: G.W. Freeman served from the bank's inception until his death in 1933; M.A. Freeman, his son, until 1948; followed by George B. Freeman, grandson, until 1960 and Gorman C. (Pete) Freeman, another grandson, until 1975. Joseph D. Coday, great grandson of the bank's founder, served until 1992. The current president is Joe's wife, Jean C. Coday.

The interior before remodeling of the current Bank of Mansfield building. Left to right appear Opal F. Coday, A.J. Clark, G.C. (Pete) Freeman, G.W. Freeman

The cashiers over the years have included N.J. Craig, A.J. Clark, C.N. Clark, Herbert Curtis, Robert L. Tester, James W. Clark, Leah Davis and Donna Tutt. At the
present time, the board of the bank
consists of Jean C. Coday, Joseph C. Coday, Jane K. Coday, Dale Freeman ("Pete" Freeman's son), Jerry Williams, Mike Roberts, and James E. Miller.

At the time of his death in 1933, G.W. Freeman pledged a sufficient amount of his own personal assets to ensure the bank's continued operation throughout the Great Depression. The Bank is distinguished as the only independent, home-owned bank that still operates in Wright County.

The Bank of Mansfield endeavored to be an integral and supportive part of the community and has participated in major civic projects throughout its 100+ year history. HomePride Bank will continue that century-old history.

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