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Saving for the future is an important part of your personal finances. Whether you are looking for the convenience of a savings account or the attractive terms of a CD or IRA, HomePride Bank has an account that fits you. Savings and Investment accounts earn interest on the average daily collected balance.

Types of Savings Accounts

Statement Savings Account. $100 to Open.
This account earns the current competitive
rate of interest which is compounded and
credited to the account quarterly.

Christmas Club Account.
Interest-Bearing Account. $25.00 to open.
For short-term needs, this competitive-rate account matures on November 1.
At maturity all deposits and accrued interest are paid by check.
If funds are withdrawn or account closed before maturity, all interest will be forfeited.

Types of Investment Accounts

Money Market Deposit Account. $2,500 to Open.
Ideal for those who want to earn market interest rates without tying up funds long term. Limitations apply to transfers and withdrawals. For current rates, click here or call your local HomePride Bank.

Certificates of Deposit (CD).
$1,000 to Open 91-Day or
182-Day. $500 to Open 12-,
24-, 36-, 48- or 60-Month.

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is
a limited-term account for those
seeking to grow money at
competitive rates. Your funds are
placed in an account for a specified amount of time. At the date of maturity, you retain your initial deposit plus all accrued interest.
A penalty may apply for early withdrawal.

Individual Retirement Account (IRA). $500 to Open.
12-Month Maturity.
A penalty may apply for early withdrawal.

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