Personal Banking

Safe Deposit Boxes

Keep valuables and important documents safe from theft, fire, flood, or other damage in a safe deposit box. All deposit boxes are locked safely inside our vault, and we offer the utmost privacy and confidentially for depositing, viewing, and retrieving articles from your box.

Rates for Safe Deposit Boxes

3" x 5" x 22" $20.00 annually
3" x 10" x 22" $25.00 annually
5" x 10" x 22" $40.00 annually
10" x 10" x 22" $75.00 annually
Key Deposit (2 keys) $20.00
Key Replacement $10.00 per key
Safe Deposit Box Delinquent Fee $15.00 per month delinquent
Safe Deposit Box Drilling $100 minimum (fee may vary)
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